hola mi amigos!

hola mi amigos y familia! thank you for joining me on my 18 month journey to the merida mexico mission! i am so excited to be serving as a full time LDS missionary and representing my savior jesus christ everyday. i hope through my experiences it may help you draw closer to Christ & gain a love for this wonderful work we are all involved in. God speed and i will see you all again before we know it. until then, my wonderful mother will be updating my blog of all my adventures.

con mucho amor,
hermana maisie ellen hobbs

the field is white already to harvest; d&c 4:4

the field is white already to harvest; d&c 4:4

Sunday, October 5, 2014

September 22

Hola mis vidas,

gwoah donde debo comenzar? Earlier this week I was reading the Liahona, and found this little piece of gold that Id like to share.

"The struggle to break out of the cocoon develops the butterfly so it can fly. Without the adversity, the butterfly would never have the strength to achieve it's destiny. It would never develop the strength to become something extraordinary." Joesph B. Worthland

I love this a lot. Last week I was really nervous with the cambios, a new companion and me having to take the lead in showing her the new area and everything, but just like the quote says, the adversity is was develops us, what gives us strength. Hermana Arriaga has been such a blessing! Her personality reminds me a lot of Saren, very loving, patient, kind hearted, and wouldnt say one bad thing about anyone. She is 22 and is an elementary teacher, and is a muy muy buena misionera. 

Last Monday was the day of independence for Mehhico so our barrio had an activity Tuesday morning. It was a "swimming" activity so we couldnt really participate, but we went because the members were bringing their friends so we could contact them. which was a HUGE success. The ward is seriously so great and so enthusiastic about missionary work. One funny thing, me and hermana arriaga were talking with a joven and eating lunch meanwhile one of the hermanos in the ward was singing on stage. Hes part of one of those typical mehicano bands like of of nacho libre and has a really pretty voice. So he was singing, i wasnt paying much attention, but slowly started to realize that everyone was staring at me and chucking.. haha i look up to see the hermano serenading me and singing about my "blue eyes" hahaha it was super funny but at the same time felt super uncomfortable. :) but next week we have another actividy the YSA is putting on about the LDM, theyre acting out stories of it and describing what the LDM is. its a bring your friends kind of night tambien so we are super excited about it. Kanasin reminds me a lot of West Weber. A lot of the people here as well. The ward is like a big family, everyone looks out after everyone, especially the missionaries. 

We've been working a lot with Ivonne this week and her family, but mostly with her. Its been hard because shes the only one progressing, but the family is our goal. we are hoping for a baptism soon and for it to be an example. The other day we went with a member, Angela, to contact one of her neighbors. she wasnt in her house, but another one of her friends was walking by so we decided to contact her. She{s gold. Her name is Rosaura. The first lesson was really and we felt the spirit a lot. We taugt about dios and the LDM and invited her to read chp. 37 of alma. the next visit we had she had read 15 more chapters in alma and said how the way we pray is so beautiful and she felt something really special when she prayed. Her husband drinks and smokes but is super nice. he was a little drunk when we went and taught the second time but promised he would be sober for the next. he loves to cook and wants to feed us so i can taste mexico. hahaha im really excited about this family. 

Things are great here in mexico, I have so much to learn, and so many things I want to learn sometimes its hard to find time! but that has been my favorite thing is learning. spanish, doctrine, this culture, everything. I love the people here. I had an immigration appt. on wed. and went into the main part of Merida where there is a walmart. WALMART. i felt like I was in america. We had to take photos for my visa. but that part of Merida is beyond beautiful.. holy moly. I told my comp. im moving here after I return home. I love everything, especially the people. 

So great to hear about the temple.. i miss it so much. I hope you and dad had a great birthday!! I was thinking about you both all day. In fact, Saturday when we ate with one of the members, it was her birthday as well and we had a cake. so in a way I celebrated your birthday too dad. :) love you all so much. sounds like everyone is doing spendid!! continue to do the little things!! 

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