hola mi amigos!

hola mi amigos y familia! thank you for joining me on my 18 month journey to the merida mexico mission! i am so excited to be serving as a full time LDS missionary and representing my savior jesus christ everyday. i hope through my experiences it may help you draw closer to Christ & gain a love for this wonderful work we are all involved in. God speed and i will see you all again before we know it. until then, my wonderful mother will be updating my blog of all my adventures.

con mucho amor,
hermana maisie ellen hobbs

the field is white already to harvest; d&c 4:4

the field is white already to harvest; d&c 4:4

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 25

Well.... what can I say! This week was definitley one to remember...

We had the visit from ELDER BEDNAR!! (in the pic if you look on the left side im in the corner.) I cant tell you how amazing it was. It was so cool to have the mission gathered as one.. to be reminded of our purpose, why we are out here.. I learned so much from the holy spirit.. Like Elder Bednar always does, it was a question and answer panel - we were seeking knowledge through the faith. I was so impressed by how strong I felt the spirit. I could go on and on about the conference, but one of the things that touched me was his story of administring to the one.. As an apostole of N.P.C he is quite a busy man.. de hecho, he recieved a phone call right before the meeting was about to start to take care of some business. He has so many assignments, responsiblities, etc. his work never stops! He is truly a man of God. When he was explaining his work, he mentioned that the Lord sometimes sends him across countries on a million different tasks, and often times just to find and administer to the one. He told of a story where a couple weeks ago after a conference they were eating lunch and after he made the question if anyone else had a comment to make. there was a silence amongst them for a long while, then one of the little servirs mentioned that his wife had passed away recently and that he was going through a hard time.. and elder bednar had helped him.. 

Another story was that there was a baby that was super sick and they had asked him if he could give a blessing, but as tight as his schedule was he couldnt and felt super bad. told the man to remember that he has the same preisthood, etc. but after the reunion he was walking out and saw a little woman with her baby rapped up. he asked her to remove the blanket and he touched the forehead of the baby. when he got into the car one of the men made him a question and said how did you know that was the baby that was sick?? and he said he didnt.. the lord will always put the people who need us, as well as we need them in our lives at the right time. what I learned? we just must be willing to ACT. to SPEAK. to be LEAD by the spirit! and elder bednar asked us, do you think the Lord would send ME as an apostle of him across the world to help one person? You bet he would. because HE administered to the one. and I have been called to be his WITNESS. and to do what HE would do.. I glory that I have that same calling... that I HERMANA HOBBS have been called to do what my savior would have me do.. and I am ready to act. ready to speak. and ready to be lead by the spirit so I can be an agent! so I can act and not be acted upon... all starting with this new transfer..becasue drum rolls.. 

I have been changed out of my home of Kanasin... I am now in Motul (another pueblo!!!! so happy) with Hermana Falcon. She is from Mexico City. and guess whats fun?? we are white washing the area! haha. they took out the two sisters and put us both in. It took us about 2 hours from centro de merida to get here. Im not exactly sure where I am because i fell asleep on the bus ride. Luckly we had Soemy and Alberto (2nd counselor in the bishopbric) to help us home! hahah we would have NEVER found the place! its a lot like kanasin. theres a centro, and the rest is a little pueblo. We havent had much time to go out looking, but aye vamos. :) we are excited to work hard! Hermana Falcon is very great missionary! Her mom has recently passed away and that has been something very hard and close to her.. i know im going to learn so much from her. we are both in for an adventure this transfer! the best part is we dont have a map to take along with us! hahah woot woot.i have mixed emotions about leaving kanasin.. yesterday during our Family history activity they threw me a little suprise party for my birthday since its in a week and I wont be there (and because everyone knew that it was finally my turn to leave). It made me cry.. 

Kanasin has truly become part of me. I cant even begin to describe the things that I learned. I truly feel like I had been beaten down and rose again in that area so many times, it made me strong mentally and physically and ESPRITUALLY. everyone had brought me little gifts, sang me special numbers, it was so touching. I love my little family..i couldnt sleep during the night because I just had a knot in my stomach. I was ready to leave, but not to say goodbye. but DE MODOS. thats the mission. :) but i have kanasin tattoed on my heart ;) and all the polvo de ahi en mis zapatos. :) well. im not sure what to say. i love you all. im so thankful for my family. i hope everything is going well for saren and the baby! keep healthy, keep happy, and keep being the hands of the savior. we all have something to do. remember to administer to the one, guide others to the rod of iron so that they can walk for themselves to the tree of life.. I love you all so much. :) 

Hermana Hobbs

May 18

Mis Queridos,

ah chispas, estoy disfrutando la misión un buen. :) congrats that youve all made it through school!! oh Heston is a little champ! keep working hard bud, spiritually and temporally! 

this week went by super fast, but it was super great! i love being a missionary and being able to feel the spirit so strongly all the time. im starting to sit on edge this week waiting to see what the transfers will be.. oh boy. 

 on tuesday, we truly were lead by the spirit.. we have had like we had some cool experiences! we found 2 families, Alan, Sofie and Eluisa then Berta and Jackie. they are super awesome as well. alan sofie and elusia have acepted to be baptized 13 de junio!! we are getting down to work with them so they can progress. alan is 15 and reminds me so much of heston.. haha we went to teach them on saturday, only alan was home but we found him blasting imagine dragons and singing the song. eluisa is 11 and their mom sofie works a ton.. we havent been able to meet her husband yet, but tomorrow we have an appt with them. we are super excited about them! then BERTA. we were out looking for a reference, but of course we couldnt find the house. hahha but we found berta! she was in front of the house where we thought it was.. we started to talk with her and she was like hey! ive seen you guys all over the place, what do you do? we started to explain we are missionaries etc. and she said the golden words.. "I WANT YOU TO TEACH ME SO I CAN LEARN MORE ABOUT MY FATHER IN HEAVEN" those words are like music to a missionaries ears. well to anyones! haha we are super excited about Berta :) 

wednesday we had interviews with Pres. ours was at 2.. but we didnt have them till 6. haha everone was a little longer than we thought. we missed our appt. for food and so the assistants called and ordered pizza for us! woot woot. tender mercies. :) it was a good time to catch up on reading as well. My interview with pres. was really well. He is so wise! and its so crazy to me how well he knows us individually.. in the interviews, hermana garcia came in because she wanted to remind him of something he needed to do, and it was like i was in my home.. hahahah. and pres. just said "yes mother" and she gave him a big kiss on the head. they are so cute. I love them. :) said i was their perfect daugther and wanted me to tell my parents how grateful he is for them for raising a good little girl. he wants to meet you both. I feel so blessed.. I know i am enjoying the blessings from the sacrificies that the ones before me have made.. starting from the pioneers to my own parents. That is why i am here in the mission.. I hope to leave a heritage for my future family.. so they as well can be rich im blessings.

On saturday was the worldwide indexing event!! we had a big activity in the stake center from 8-8. we went for one hour and were helping aaron, our recent convert to his indexing. it was super fun. i love family history work! and its super hard/cool to read all the old documents to try to to find names. then sunday we did the same in our awesome ward of kanasin! we placed a goal to index 100 names before the night was over and we got to 150. I was so content. :) 

This week, we should have our baptism for Abraham! we are so happy for him, he has progressed so much. please pray that everything can go well with his intrevista and todo. 

love you all.

Hermana Hobbs 

May 11

Well it was so great seeing my little family yesterday! You all looked so good, barrio kanasin loved seeing you all as well. jajaj :) I always love to show everyone and talk about my one of a kind family! 

This week was super good! it was a little hard because we had lots of investigators tell us they didnt want to listen anymore.. one of them was fernando that we had the cool experience of feeling the spirit to contact him and how he was super interested.. he tried giving us the book of mormon back because he didnt have time.. but im SURE he will be baptized. hermana duron and I were just the sembradoras :) 

I dont know if i told you guys last week but I got certified as a consultant of family history! it was super fun. We continue to work with family history, tithing and fasting, and SHARING THE GOSPEL. those are the 3 principles of the plan de area to strengthen our f a i t h in the lord jesus christ! i am truly converting and understanding the why of the principles of the doctrine.

This week we have interviews with presidente. Im super excited for that. I love having time to talk with him. he reminds me so much of dad, so wise. its always good to see what things lm lacking and what i need to improve. because there is ALWAYS room for improvement. 

Well I dont have much to say, because i talked to you all yesterday, but just know i love you so much. i am truly have such an amazing family, i sure am rich in blessings and heritage. LOVE YOU ALL.

p.s. through family history found out we come through a german king and I am related to hermano mateo that is the family history instructor here in estaca lakin. que padre.


keep the dia de reposo holy :)

hermana hobbs

May 4

Just wanted to say..... I LOVE YOU MOM! I loved this little video. I am so thankful for the strong faith of the women I know. my momma, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, friends, my SISTER who is gonna be a mommy :) I was reading the liahona the other day about the love christ has for faithful women.. it is really powerful. we as women have such wonderful, and IMPORTANT responsibilites. we must guard the virtue and keep our vision upon a family eternal. 

This week was really good! abraham is progressing really well! we will be having his interview next week, hoping everything falls well for his baptism. It was fun we went to one of the lessons and he was showing us how he rescued these little birds, there baby palomas and how their mom left them and how he was taking care of them.. he hen started to tell us about his life.. how he is truly repentant for the things he has done.. his father was an alcholic and died really young and his mom as well. that was what he grew up on, it was normal for him. he told us how he didnt know anyhing different and how he is grateful that we came to share with him the truth.. there are so many people that still live in the "traditions of their fathers.." because they dont know where to find the truth.. I love abraham. he always buys us juice after the lessons because he knows we cant drink cocacola :) 

Friday we had divisions with the hermana capaciadoras, I left the area to esperana and hermana duron stayed in the area, she was super scared but she did so well. i think it was good for her to see how much she has progressed.. and to get her prepared because im putting my money that she is going to train this next transfer. :) we are getting like  12 new hermanas! i felt muy feo when i left kanasin! It was fun for a change but i missed my little family. we had an activity in the church and hermana duron and hermana manning pulled a prank and said that we had transferes especiales. it was not a good prank to pull i guess..It made me realize how hard it is going to be when I leave.. my little pueblito de Kanasin.. it reminds me a lot of your situation momm. 

Last night we had a sweet activity with the stake to go and recruit jovenes to go to EFY. we did divisions with members to visit the menus activos in the ward to go to this event. it was such a fun experience. we had 1 hour to do it and it was amazing the things we saw! I went with the stake pres, the YW pres and a counselor of the efy. we went to a house where we have visited before and havent really wanted anything but when we went and shared a small little lesson told us how two of her sons havent been baptized and she wants them to find the good way and go to the activiy! missionary work is everywhere!! 

I am so happy, i am excited to talk to you all and I hope everything is good. We are getting ready for Bednar the 22 de mayo! The whole mission is super excited! :) 

I love you all so much! I loved the photos that you sent me of the family. I could hardly believe who my brothers were! so different, especially Heston! what the heck?! hes a little man!! CONGRATS A SAREN!!!  im so happy for her and Alex! 

Just remember that its the week of mom so you gotta treat her like a reiness, or better CONTINUE to treat her like that.:) and jake! its his bday :) sending my hugs and love.

On divisions
Bautismo de Sandy
Zona Lakin

Hermana Hobbs 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

April 27

que tal familia!

well this week things have definitley been cooking in Merida.. or I should say Ive been cooking. (literally) we´ve gotten up to 43 grados.. or being 109 degrees. WOOT WOOT! hermana duron and I sing "our saviors love" every morning when we leave the house. tal como el sol, es el amor del salvador. to remind us that our Father in Heaven and Savior Jesus Christ are showing us their love through the sol tan brillante. jaja. it gives us a little comfort while we are sweating. 

this week has been super good, we had our 8 principios every morning this week. Its always fun to be together as a zone. Its where we practise and learn the fundamentals of la obra misional. its always in the FUNDAMENTALS. doing the little things is what makes us great. We had a million practices, but the spirit was super strong with us. And we all got super close as a zone. long live zone lakin!! 

right now we are having a little bit of struggles in the area, not anything too big. our inv. Abraham that is getting baptized is going to be a little late for baptism because of some things from his past. but his desire is super strong. 

we had a cool little experience, Elder Diaz one of our zone leaders has a contact that he made earlier on in his mission that is named Israel. He was the one who helped us with the activity that we did of the newsreport thing. Hes a professional broadcaster and his familiy is very very wealthy. He invited us to eat in his house on sunday because he loves the missionaries. he isnt a member, and wants to progress but his father is a pastor de un otro iglesia.. he always invites the missionaries over to eat and everything to try and help with his family and stuff. It was a really cool experience. His family is really awesome! soo kind and sweet. I invited one of his sisters and her kids to the english clases we are doing and hoping that we can help him in his situation. They fed us really good as well. He lives in a restored hacienda, its like the old colonial houses of merida. hahah i felt a little like white trash :) but we were able to sing jesus es mi luz and share a little message with the family. theyre super awesome.

everything is going great, theres always a little bit of bumps in the road, but we get over them and we grow. our father in heaven gives us these bumps so we can see that we can overcome them with his help if we have sufficient faith. 

i love you all so much! 

hermana hobbs

Record temperatures!

After our volleyball Game

Zone doing "Elder Diaz" moves.

10 months into the mission!

April 21

This week was super fun as always :) 

The greatest news of all... OMAR was baptized!!! wooo! He is the joven de 20 anos that weve been teaching. It was such a fun experience. His family still hasnt wanted to listen to us, but have been very supportivethrough the whole experience. His service was really spiritual. I love my little daugther becasue she plays the piano so beautiful. the elders sang with me if the savior stood beside me. Omar was just full of smiles the whole night. I gave him one of the CTR rings that you sent me andhe loved it! afer his baptism we went to his house becasue his birthday is (TODAY) but they were celebrating it on saturday because he works today. Its tradition for the brithday person that when they go to blow the candle, someone smashes their face into the cake.. hahaha his brother did it to him and the WHOLE cake was smashed! their was also a little more flavor added to the cake because his tooth went through his lip. i was so sad that my camera had died! he will never forgethis day of his baptism. :) 

On Friday, as missionaries we were in charge of the noche de barrio and we dida little skit.. jaja all those years of planning assemblies had paid off. we did a "news report" of the plan de area. it was super fun! we made videos of members to getthe opionion tof the public and everything. it was really a hit! itsalwaysfun. there were lots ofinv. there as well. we must always remember that there are SO many ways to share the gospel. 

We are working with abraham right now, he should be getting baptized in 2 weeks. we were super sad because our members passed by his house in the morning before chruch but he told them he couldnt because he was going to a political meeting. but later during sunday school one of our members ran up to me saying he came he came!! so we went running to see jajaj abraham had come to church after all! he said he didnt feel goodabout notgoing. it was such a tender mercy.. we hadpassed by for like 6 investigators that morningandnone f them had come..i was a little discouraged thinkinwhat could i have done. I said a little prayer to my heavenly father to help me not feel discouraged.. and that was truly a tender mercy for me. I had almost given up hope and let satan sink into me, but truly what we do is never in vain! it was alsoso good for Hermano Constantino y Israel who had passed by to invite him to see that he came. They were so excited. I love involving people in missionary work so that they can feel the same happiness we do as missionaries. Truly whe we are in the work of our savior, we feel this. LIVING THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST MAKES US HAPPY. 

We went to the temple this morning! just a little blessing as well real fast. I didnt make it into the session because the elder I was switching names with came late.. so i did initiories. the little lady that was helping me invitied me and hermana duron to go eat at her house. she was a little missionary of the temple who isfrom california who has had many trials in her life.. and in her mission. we ate chicken salad! wow it was super good. and the company even better. There are so many amazing saints from all over the world, so many amazing people. I have met a lot of them here in my mission.. I am so grateful for theseeperinece heavenly father is giveing me.

I love you all so much!!

Hermana Hobbs

p.s. i ate a habanero chile this week whole and thought i was going to die. hahaha 

Baptism of Omar

Hermana Jordan temple worker from California

Cleaning the font

Baptism of little Dahlia

April 13

I'm still in Kanasin!! Im actually super excited about it. I didnt think I would transfer, for the training of Hermana Duron, but our ZL were bullying me all week about it :) I know the Lord has a plan for me here. We had a family history activity anoche and thats where we received los cambios otro vez. Elder Diaz tried telling me I was transfereing but I knew he was joking. The spirit truly has a way of working. :) 

Okay on with this week... We had the baptism of A-ARON :) It was such an exciting night! and also super nerve racking. haha the baptism was planned at 6, so we got there at 5:30 to make sure everything was put in place and to practice with the primary kids because we sang "yo trato de ser como cristo" in the baptism. but he didnt show up till almost 730! we thought he had changed his mind.. we were running around calling him, my comp was super sad because it was her first baptism. He came and turned out he had thought it was at 7. haha. but it was a really beautiful night. we did the program in the sacramental. Elder Alberto did the ordinance and after he was telling us how clean he felt.. There is no greater feeling than seeing someone you love so much receiving these ordinances.. I am so happy for my auntie as well. I love how this work is rolling throughout the world. WE MUST KEEP WORKING. we must keep preparing hearts to recieve this gospel. 

We are finding lots and lots of people to teach. 8 months later and there are still lots of people in this area to contact. Im learning how to humble unto the lord. and do his will! we had lots of reunions this week, that cut a little bit of proseltying time but wefound a young joven named Damian. he took lessons from missionaries before. hes going to be baptized i know it. :) 

I'm sorryim short on time this week, I love hearing of all the blessings that are going on in good old west weber and in the lives of my family. work hard on those finals, and the end of the year! 

Just wanted to share a little thought. hermana Duron and I were talking this week. she had a really rough surgery because she broke her elbow before coming to the mission from a four wheeling accident. after when she was taking theorpy, she would cry from the pain sometimes. but one of the times when she was saying, I cant! I cant do it, the doctor asked her to think of what she wanted most, then said sometimes we must sacrifice the pain, for the movement. I think it sounds a little prettier in spanish. jaja. but its so true. if we want to move, or grow, or repent, CHANGE, it is never easy. nos cuesta, we are going to feel like we cant, but we must remember WHAT IT IS WE WANT. and remember its only through our savior jesus christ that we can do it. I want you all to think about that.. think about really the things that are stopping you from reaching your maximum movimiento. and make plans to c h a n g e. 

hermana hobbs

p.s. Elder Bednar is coming to my mission in MAY :) the cancun mission might be coming as well!