hola mi amigos!

hola mi amigos y familia! thank you for joining me on my 18 month journey to the merida mexico mission! i am so excited to be serving as a full time LDS missionary and representing my savior jesus christ everyday. i hope through my experiences it may help you draw closer to Christ & gain a love for this wonderful work we are all involved in. God speed and i will see you all again before we know it. until then, my wonderful mother will be updating my blog of all my adventures.

con mucho amor,
hermana maisie ellen hobbs

the field is white already to harvest; d&c 4:4

the field is white already to harvest; d&c 4:4

Friday, March 20, 2015

March 16

Every passing day I am thanking my father in heaven for the opportunity he has given me to serve a mission. To be here in His work, to be guided by Him, and to testify that Jesus Christ lives. 

This week was super amazing. I love my little daughter Hermana Duron. It is so easy to feel the spirit with her and to have fun! I am so grateful to be here in Kanasin. It amazes me how much work is still here for us. I have loved seeing the seasons here.. the harvest of the people. To see reactivations, baptisms, todo! its truly a blessing. 

This week we had lots of blessings! Our assistants have been sending us text messages through the days to help us remember to ASK for references and contact people so we can find the prepared. Its been something that we've been working on as a mission. The Lord truly is with us, DyC38:7. I DO KNOW THAT HEAVENLY FATHER HEARS OUR PRAYERS. he hears us and blesses us! we were meeting with a member to go to an hermanas house and while we were waiting a man passed by us and I felt super strong to go after him to speak, but before I could do anything he turned around and asked us where our church was.. we got talking to him and turns out he is a member who left the church like25 years ago. We were happy to tell him where the church was, and told us he would go Sunday. We said if he didn't come we would come to search him out! He didn't come so we went to search him out and found him sitting outside of his house. He was grinning from ear to ear and said he didn't think we would remember about him. His family is SO cute and we were able to share about temples and eternal families. They have accepted to be baptized in April!!

We put lots of fechas this week on people new investigadores. we are working really hard on finding new ones as well. The ward is getting so big that pretty soon were going to be dividing it! HOW COOL!!! the members here are awesome as always. I will have to send pics of our futuremissionaries :) 

 I know the lord loves us and hears our prayers! I know our Savior gives us strength through his atonement. Theres a new video thats coming outfor easter, i hope you all go to check it out!! 

Hermana Hobbs

March 9

Okay this week has been way "tuanis" (thats like que padre, how cool, sweet, etc. in costa rica :)

Hermana Duron is teaching me so much. I'm pretty sure she came pretrained to the mission, she is such a good, obedient, humble, crazy missionary. She is so much fun, and her spirit is so strong! We have already had so many cool experiences with the spirit.. it always amazes me how He works. So remember  meet the mormons the lady from costa rica who was a boxer? yea, my comp too :) excercise in the morning has never been more fun!. She's my first companion that I have had that we are the same age, were both June babies. She has already helped me so much, I hope I can help her reach her potential, I know she is helping me. Her brother is in his mission in Idaho Falls! Oh also, there's an Elder Harris that is in our zone that was like best friends with Weston! He's a really good  missionary! it was a fun connection. 

Even though I've been here in Kanasin my whole mission, every transfer has been super different. This week we had a couple of sad experiences, but also some pretty grand ones too. We are having a problem right now with getting our investigadores to progress. We have like 4 different situations with hermanas who WANT to be baptized but their pairs are still married to another lady and dont want to get a divorce, and they dont want to leave them either. its so sad to see how common that is here, how satan is truly attacking the plan of our father in heaven. We are working hard right now on finding finding finding the prepared. Magy is getting ready to go to the temple so we are super excited for that!!!

I dont know if I've told you about Carlitos o Guadaulpe? they are both 2 different menos activo that we found in really cool ways. Carlos is like 84 years old and he is getting ready to go to the temple too!! Hermana Guaadalupe is sick physically and has been wanting to go to church but can't because of her illness. She can't move from her hammack much. but our sweet relief society pres. Hermana Isabel and our ward has been rallying to help her! She can't see either, two little girls who are preparing for missions in our ward have been vising with her to read the LDM. its so amazing seeing how much animo the ward has for missionary work :) 

Sunday we had ward conference, it was super fun! we had 3 investigadores there and 2 menos activo, and our ward had almost 250 there!!! it was super exciting! The talks were super good, we had some powerful ones about tithing, sacrifices, and pride. Our bishop gave such a powerful talk about the SOY YO, SEÑOR? talk from this past general conference. After the meeting we all ate as a ward! the missionaries got the little primary chairs and table. it was super fun. I love kanasin so much. The lord has put me here for a reason, and there is still work for me to do here. I am continually amazed at the love our heavenly father has for us, the blessings that he gives us.. "his love for us is there for us whether we deserve it or not" 

I love my mission, I love my savior,every day he is preparing me more and more through all the experiences. 

I love hearing from you all, the wonderful experiences we're all having. Keep working hard in the work of the lord! we all have a part to play and I know the harvest is now.. we are preparing for the LORD. theres no time to waste! 


hermana hobbs

Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2

Hola mi mami. IM GOING TO BE AN AUNTIE!!! IM SO EXCITED FOR SAREN AND ALEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Sorry I dont have much time to write this week because I have some news... IM HAVING A BABY TOO. Well not  really, but a baby in the mission. I am training here in Kanasin! My comp is Hermana Duran de Costa Rica! she's 19 and her all her family are all members. She has a brother serving in Idaho Falls, she is the sweetest little girl ever and I can already tell we are going to have fun together. I hope I can help her. I'm super nervous having my first hija, but I know the lord trusts me to do it, and my faith will conquer my fear. 

We've been having lots of sad stories here in Kanasin..how do you do it mom in your work? Hearing all the sad stories, things that I've never heard before.. sometimes it really makes me sad because I don't know how to help people.. if you have advice I'd love to hear it. 

Just a funny story. We all thought I was leaving Kanasin last night we had our family history activity and all the ward came. Elder Cometivos finished his mission and so a member brought a cake and we were all going around sharing memories about him etc. then they were like, Hermana Hobbs! we need to say goobye to you as well! so I bore my testimony, was crying, etc etc, and the other elder who has been here 6 months as well was doing the same! hahaha then we get the phone call becasue Elder Cometivos is our ZL and find out we BOTH are staying! hahahahah we said goodbye to the wrong people! It was super funny. and a little sad. Hna Pinguelo was really sad because she hadn't said goodbe to anyone. I'm sad to see her go, but I'm excited for this upcoming transfer.  I love you so much mommy. I hope you know that. Im so grateful for our family and the blessings that I have. HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please pray for me in training. hahaha

prayer list: omar, jose alberto, cristina, alberto, maria, maria y manuel

February 24

So I forgot to tell you that our pday was changed to Tuesday this week.. sorry mom.. I'm still alive I promise!

We find out tranfers this Sunday so we will see if I will be staying in Kanasin on Sunday :) this week was so good! we had a multizone conference Tuesday where we spoke about the plan de area MEXICO 2015. I think ive already mentioned this to you all? but the idea is to increase the faith of the members here in Mexico and to help them become self suffiecient through fasting, tithing, sharing the gospel, family history etc. its really something quite amazing. President came and trained us all, I wish I could just be taught by him everyday. The spirit was so strong.. and we got to watch MEET THE MORMONS!!!! it comes out this week here in mexico and we got to watch it so we can promote it! I think all the missionaries were bawling.. it was a fun opportunity!

Sorry I dont have much time, but I just wanna share a couple miracles I saw this week.

OMAR- we havent been able to visit him for like a month because he was working in a festival and didnt know he returend,until he showed up to stake conference because a member (one of his friends) invited him, we had a lesson with him after and he has read all the way to second nephi!!! we are super excited about omar. 

We contacted a reference Alicia Panit,her brother is a member.. she is a little 60 year old lady that lives with her daughter and mom. They welcomed us with open arms and were so happy to have us visit! they like to learn about different religions and she told us she usually doesnt like to invite themback for a second lesson, but we are on our third :) her mom is 95! she reminds me so much of grandma Sarah.. first visit they were leaving, so we sang the spirit of god with them and her little mom started to bawl. this family is super special, they have lots of difficulties but theyre doing awesome!

We got a reference from a taxi guy the other day, and at first we thought it was just one of those things like "I dont want anything, but you can teach my neighbor" kind of thing, but I felt super strongly on going with him anyways. turns it was a less active, Carlos, hes 84, and just retired from his job 14 days ago. and stopped going to church because he worked sundays. when we contacted him I have never seen such a happier smile! This little old man is so cute! he went to stake conference with us as well. He knows the book of mormon cover to cover. 

hermana hobbs