hola mi amigos!

hola mi amigos y familia! thank you for joining me on my 18 month journey to the merida mexico mission! i am so excited to be serving as a full time LDS missionary and representing my savior jesus christ everyday. i hope through my experiences it may help you draw closer to Christ & gain a love for this wonderful work we are all involved in. God speed and i will see you all again before we know it. until then, my wonderful mother will be updating my blog of all my adventures.

con mucho amor,
hermana maisie ellen hobbs

the field is white already to harvest; d&c 4:4

the field is white already to harvest; d&c 4:4

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September 7

Happy Happy Week All :) 

Okay first off.. we contacted a person who had a dog who looked a lot like Walker, and I remembered that I missed my little crazy puppy. jajja so maybe he missed me too and ran off to mexico. espero que le encuentren rapido. 

This week was a good one, we had lots of meetings so spent a lot of time  traveling, but still we got some things accomplished in the area. we are working to try to find new investigadores.

Tuesday we had our leadership training and it was really spiritual. the spirit is always super strong with Pres. Garcia. it amazes me how wise he and hermana garcia are. :) we talked a lot about personal purity.. its something that seems so common, but in the mission and in life its something that we constantly have to be striving to have. our virtue. the way we think, dress, act, everything. its the way we obtain the spirit and it is so imortant as missionaries and members that our glass is pure so that we are teaching with pure water.. we must be clean before we can invite others. hermana valdez and I gave the little lesson in our zone conference on wednesday and did a little demonstration with vasos de agua. it was fun! we are continuing with our purification challenge in the zone. 

We found efrain this week! he is a reference of a member. he had lots of questions about christ coming to america. A couple years ago a friend gave him a book of mormon and he read some stuff but didnt really understand and heard rumors about mormons and left it aside. in the lessons it was super powerful and his mind is super open to learn.. pray for him!! we will see him tuesday.

This week we also had our stake conference!! it was super powerful. we are about an hour from our estaca so sunday we rented 3 buses to take all the members there! we didnt fill up all the buses like we planned.. but motul definitly was represeting sunday morning. we arrived early in mexico terms so we were all sitted in front. :) I LOVED THE MESSAGES.

Saturday night we were able to go and the 70 ( i forgot his name and didnt bring my notebook) did a live interaction thing the same way bednar does and spoke a lot about consejo de barrio and the way leaders should work. I learned soooo much. sometimes we forget how much work really goes on behind the scened of the work of salvation. every little detail. he also reminded us of our duties as WOMEN of the chruch that we have a huge role to play, but we must respect who has the keys. I am so grateful for the preisthood in my life. 

Sunday... MAURICIO came to the conference!! our little investigador. he was able to go with his girlfriend so that was fun for him :) haha He is progressing well! still hasnt comitted 100 percent to be baptized. (hes a little stubborn) but he knows the gospel is true. he can feel it.. and it is so important how we feel rather than what we know or say. 
Hna. Garcia spoke about the prayer and said, are we teaching our children the routine of prayer or the POWER of prayer?
I loved that! made me reflect if im really saying my prayers in power and teaching my inv to pray with power!
also the 70 shared some powerful things about how every moment in our lives the lord is preparing us for something bigger and better. that he is training us to be his leaders. he said when he was a young boy then a missionary, and a father never before thought he would be a 70, but now looking back in his life realized that every little moment, the good and the bad, prepared him for where he is now. that we must have our eyes on ETERNITY. and even when his young boy died and had the opportunity and temptation to ask god why, he had his eyes on eternity and remembered that we can no see the designs the father has for us with our natural eyes.
this wee we have our  principios. soo more traveling!! woot. :) it will be a good week. and to see hermana pinguelo and arriaga. they both finish their missiones these next two weeks.. wow. times goes super fast! 

Glad to hear everyones going well. sams new do is looking good. :) i liked moms comment and his heart and not his hair. jajaja :) 


hermana hobbs

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