hola mi amigos!

hola mi amigos y familia! thank you for joining me on my 18 month journey to the merida mexico mission! i am so excited to be serving as a full time LDS missionary and representing my savior jesus christ everyday. i hope through my experiences it may help you draw closer to Christ & gain a love for this wonderful work we are all involved in. God speed and i will see you all again before we know it. until then, my wonderful mother will be updating my blog of all my adventures.

con mucho amor,
hermana maisie ellen hobbs

the field is white already to harvest; d&c 4:4

the field is white already to harvest; d&c 4:4

Sunday, May 3, 2015

April 21

This week was super fun as always :) 

The greatest news of all... OMAR was baptized!!! wooo! He is the joven de 20 anos that weve been teaching. It was such a fun experience. His family still hasnt wanted to listen to us, but have been very supportivethrough the whole experience. His service was really spiritual. I love my little daugther becasue she plays the piano so beautiful. the elders sang with me if the savior stood beside me. Omar was just full of smiles the whole night. I gave him one of the CTR rings that you sent me andhe loved it! afer his baptism we went to his house becasue his birthday is (TODAY) but they were celebrating it on saturday because he works today. Its tradition for the brithday person that when they go to blow the candle, someone smashes their face into the cake.. hahaha his brother did it to him and the WHOLE cake was smashed! their was also a little more flavor added to the cake because his tooth went through his lip. i was so sad that my camera had died! he will never forgethis day of his baptism. :) 

On Friday, as missionaries we were in charge of the noche de barrio and we dida little skit.. jaja all those years of planning assemblies had paid off. we did a "news report" of the plan de area. it was super fun! we made videos of members to getthe opionion tof the public and everything. it was really a hit! itsalwaysfun. there were lots ofinv. there as well. we must always remember that there are SO many ways to share the gospel. 

We are working with abraham right now, he should be getting baptized in 2 weeks. we were super sad because our members passed by his house in the morning before chruch but he told them he couldnt because he was going to a political meeting. but later during sunday school one of our members ran up to me saying he came he came!! so we went running to see jajaj abraham had come to church after all! he said he didnt feel goodabout notgoing. it was such a tender mercy.. we hadpassed by for like 6 investigators that morningandnone f them had come..i was a little discouraged thinkinwhat could i have done. I said a little prayer to my heavenly father to help me not feel discouraged.. and that was truly a tender mercy for me. I had almost given up hope and let satan sink into me, but truly what we do is never in vain! it was alsoso good for Hermano Constantino y Israel who had passed by to invite him to see that he came. They were so excited. I love involving people in missionary work so that they can feel the same happiness we do as missionaries. Truly whe we are in the work of our savior, we feel this. LIVING THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST MAKES US HAPPY. 

We went to the temple this morning! just a little blessing as well real fast. I didnt make it into the session because the elder I was switching names with came late.. so i did initiories. the little lady that was helping me invitied me and hermana duron to go eat at her house. she was a little missionary of the temple who isfrom california who has had many trials in her life.. and in her mission. we ate chicken salad! wow it was super good. and the company even better. There are so many amazing saints from all over the world, so many amazing people. I have met a lot of them here in my mission.. I am so grateful for theseeperinece heavenly father is giveing me.

I love you all so much!!

Hermana Hobbs

p.s. i ate a habanero chile this week whole and thought i was going to die. hahaha 

Baptism of Omar

Hermana Jordan temple worker from California

Cleaning the font

Baptism of little Dahlia

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