hola mi amigos!

hola mi amigos y familia! thank you for joining me on my 18 month journey to the merida mexico mission! i am so excited to be serving as a full time LDS missionary and representing my savior jesus christ everyday. i hope through my experiences it may help you draw closer to Christ & gain a love for this wonderful work we are all involved in. God speed and i will see you all again before we know it. until then, my wonderful mother will be updating my blog of all my adventures.

con mucho amor,
hermana maisie ellen hobbs

the field is white already to harvest; d&c 4:4

the field is white already to harvest; d&c 4:4

Sunday, May 3, 2015

April 13

I'm still in Kanasin!! Im actually super excited about it. I didnt think I would transfer, for the training of Hermana Duron, but our ZL were bullying me all week about it :) I know the Lord has a plan for me here. We had a family history activity anoche and thats where we received los cambios otro vez. Elder Diaz tried telling me I was transfereing but I knew he was joking. The spirit truly has a way of working. :) 

Okay on with this week... We had the baptism of A-ARON :) It was such an exciting night! and also super nerve racking. haha the baptism was planned at 6, so we got there at 5:30 to make sure everything was put in place and to practice with the primary kids because we sang "yo trato de ser como cristo" in the baptism. but he didnt show up till almost 730! we thought he had changed his mind.. we were running around calling him, my comp was super sad because it was her first baptism. He came and turned out he had thought it was at 7. haha. but it was a really beautiful night. we did the program in the sacramental. Elder Alberto did the ordinance and after he was telling us how clean he felt.. There is no greater feeling than seeing someone you love so much receiving these ordinances.. I am so happy for my auntie as well. I love how this work is rolling throughout the world. WE MUST KEEP WORKING. we must keep preparing hearts to recieve this gospel. 

We are finding lots and lots of people to teach. 8 months later and there are still lots of people in this area to contact. Im learning how to humble unto the lord. and do his will! we had lots of reunions this week, that cut a little bit of proseltying time but wefound a young joven named Damian. he took lessons from missionaries before. hes going to be baptized i know it. :) 

I'm sorryim short on time this week, I love hearing of all the blessings that are going on in good old west weber and in the lives of my family. work hard on those finals, and the end of the year! 

Just wanted to share a little thought. hermana Duron and I were talking this week. she had a really rough surgery because she broke her elbow before coming to the mission from a four wheeling accident. after when she was taking theorpy, she would cry from the pain sometimes. but one of the times when she was saying, I cant! I cant do it, the doctor asked her to think of what she wanted most, then said sometimes we must sacrifice the pain, for the movement. I think it sounds a little prettier in spanish. jaja. but its so true. if we want to move, or grow, or repent, CHANGE, it is never easy. nos cuesta, we are going to feel like we cant, but we must remember WHAT IT IS WE WANT. and remember its only through our savior jesus christ that we can do it. I want you all to think about that.. think about really the things that are stopping you from reaching your maximum movimiento. and make plans to c h a n g e. 

hermana hobbs

p.s. Elder Bednar is coming to my mission in MAY :) the cancun mission might be coming as well! 

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